BEO is a Top Down PvP focused Massively MultiPlayer Online game, powered by NFT technology on ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN



in development


BEO has traditional elements of roleplay and exploration the MMO’s we love have, combined with the play to earn mechanics of blockchain technology making it the first of its kind.


The characters, Pets, Vehicles and Vessels among other things on BEO are unique one of a kind NFT collectibles. All your possessions are yours and no one else can own them.


Some of the influential NFT community Characters have joined our universe to provide you with amazing quest lines and unique locations to visit.


The world of BEO is a dangerous place. It’s the wild west all over again, where resources are scarce but coveted. Lands are pillaged and towns raided in skirmishes to prove who is the baddest of all the land. But there’s also many stories to be told and countless places to be explored.


BEO will grow as it’s community grows. New collections and burning systems will power the universe giving it new life in a unique way only NFT technology can achieve.


The universe of BEO will house many resources and treasures. Trading will always be driven by the players. The value and scarcity will be dictated by the demand and burning mechanisms governed by the player community.


BEO is set in the near future, 2035 to be exact. The nefarious group called Illuminati took over the world with their agenda 2030. The New World Order as it was called, ushered an alien invasion with the help of a neighboring race. This invasion helped their plan to take over and decimate most of the human race.

5 years after the take down, there were barely any humans left. Most have been genetically modified for more than a decade through nano tech, and now are almost bionic in nature. Some of these bred humans disconnect from their programming and the hive mind, going rogue.

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Play our alpha via these links


Download the BEO Windows Launcher.


Download the BEO MAC OS Launcher.



Drop Date: October 9th


Humans are genetically enhanced creatures native to the planet Earth in the Sol system.


Humans possess the ability to enhance their senses through nanotech. They can also alter their molecular structure to change their appearance.

Drop Info

The Human Collection possesses 8,888 unique characters. 4444 males and 4444 females. This is what’s left of the Human Race


Great Ape Society

The apes mean business, their den and upper class business ventures are well known in this neighborhood

The Demon's Kiss

The 0N1's old haunt where the lost and Nameless gather for a stiff drink and reprieve from the Ethereal Enclave's lonely nights

tropo farmer

Crazy things Happen at Troppo’s… Like… Well… You’ll have to come and see for yourself

Miss NFT

NFTERS is The fanciest lot in the city, good music, good drinks… An experience if you can afford it

Sir Vincent

Physical confrontation is more than just a sport, It’s… well… AWESOME! At Sir Vincent’s arena, you can enjoy some good old fashion street fights! Maybe even join in!

Hewer Clan

These are dangerous times, and dangerous people around here, hang around the Hewer Den. Some say it’s a dive bar… But we all know there’s more to it

Art & Coffee

The local NFT gallery. Major players are featured here, some of these own whole planets

Big Fan

Big Fan Sports Bar is the only place be….if you can play it, we’ll show it


These little nuggers make you feel real happiness… No for real, happy… Don’t get caught tho…

Crypto Chicks

Welcome to Crypto Chicks! Our fall line featuring #AllWomenAreBeautiful Has recently launched! Thank you for stopping by to check us out!


They turned their backs on us. They called us names. Then we found each other. Now they can't ignore us. Together we are making our stand. We are fighting back. No one will stand in our way. We are Bad Kids Alley.

Chibi Dinos

Taste the Jurassic energy! Refreshing? No, but makes you do incredible shit!

Flight Plan

Plan is subject to change due to space debris or spatial disturbances.


Alpha Demo Release

Small town opens up where you can try out the controls and meet other explorers

Human Collection Drop

The first collection drops for minting, you get to own a unique character

Locations in town Open Up

The many locations in town will open up revealing a world of LORE

Demo Town becomes city

The town will be updated to fit the Game Narrative and house a larger community

Quest Lines Open Up

All locations will have their own quest line that will reveal Unique LORE


Resources will be all over the universe, but they will be scarce, and only by burning they replenish back into the wild

Pets Collection Drop

The first Pet NFT collection drops and companions are available


The pet collection has the unique ability that players can Capture wild animals and mint them into the Pet collection

Earth Maps Open up

Each planet will house multiple areas, earth is the first planet available to explore

Ground Mounts Collection Drop

As Earth maps open up, transportation is needed. The first Mount NFT collection is released

Marketplace Opens Up

With crafting and Taming available, the Marketplace opens up for Player economy to take place

Land Sale Drop

Each planet, space sector and galaxy will have territories that can be owned for passive income and more. The first land Sale goes Live

Martian Collection Drop

As Space travel Nears, the first Alien Race NFT collection Drops

Drop in the End

Time to buckle up and burn some fuel! Space awaits us!

Space Travel - Sector SOL

With Space travel vessels available, the SOL sector opens up for exploration

SOL System Planets and Civilizations

Sol Sector is home to many planets and civilizations waiting to be discovered

Anunaki - Reptilians - Greys Collections Drop

Other SOL Sector races are released