Build A Metaverse

BEO Worlds is the most capable platform for building a Metaverse.
Bring your lore and community to life
Provide unparalleled utility.

Create Your Own World

BEO Worlds are the start of the journey. Worlds can contain multiple Lands which are roughly 500m2 each - giving you nearly infinite space to build your Metaverse.

Build Your Lands

A Land is 500m2 each. All buildable and customizable by you with the in game builder. They are a great way to bring your community to life and provide access to exclusive content. Granting the possibility to monetize your own Land. Build experiences, host events, sell buildable plots.

Play Your NFTs

Integrate your existing collections into your World as pets, playable characters, vehicles, and many other forms. Give your holders utility while creating more monetization channels for your brand.

Land Plots

Give your users a piece of your Metaverse. Land Plots can be assigned to users or to an NFT and monetized. Users can then create their own buildings, venues, or concert spaces on their Plots in your Metaverse.