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BEO Characters

BEO Characters are the official Beyond Earth Native Characters. They hold full and deep integration into the Beyond Earth Game and $BEO utility token. They are fully upgradable NFTs via the $BEO token. With access to in game perks, crew system, galactic games, reward crates, tools, and many more things.

They will replace all other previous collections held by Galactic Labs and consolidate them into one cohesive ecosystem. After this free claim to all Character Holders, all other collections will be archived.

Free Mint + 15k Supply

Supply is deflationary via Merging of characters to create a higher Tier NFT/Game Character.

Game Perks

Enjoy full integration via native Beyond Earth Characters, with in game perks and access to exclusive, features, rewards, tools, and more.


Fully upgradable NFT traits, looks and in game masteries by Merging and using $BEO for trait customizations.

Major Character Events