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Game Story

BEO is set in 2035. The nefarious group called Illuminati took over the world with their agenda in 2030. The New World Order as it was called, ushered an alien invasion with the help of a neighboring race. This invasion helped their plan to take over and decimate most of the human race. 5 years after the take down, there were barely any humans left. Most have been genetically modified for more than a decade through nano tech, and now are almost bionic in nature. Some of these bred humans disconnect from their programming and the hive mind, going rogue.

Core Features

Nothing like the thrill of the fight. From space dog fights to intense all out galactic wars to strategic 1 one 1 combat, battles can occur anytime and anywhere. You must decide whether to chase down bounties, raid civilian cargo ships, or be a defender of peace. The choice is yours, just be armed.


Galactic Races

Beluga Bay
Cranky Critters
Alien Boy
Foxy Fam
Elegant Elephants
Baked Bears
Non-Fungible Heroes
Space Yetis
Lonely Aliens
Bored Mummy
No First Contact

Space Ships

Prepare For Flight. Find Your Vessel

Crew System

Send your Crew or Mercenaries on Mission

Star Map

Explore the Galactic Map

Galactic Travel Tokens

$GTT is the native ERC-20 token of the Beyond Earth universe. $GTT is used to craft NFTs, buy land, buy space ships, to power your starships, to pay for mercenaries, or in the Beyond Earth Marketplace. $GTT tokens also represent voting power, enabling players to influence the game's destiny.

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