Travel the cosmos with $GTT

The Token fueling the Beyond Earth universe and player economy.


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What is $GTT

$GTT is the native ERC-20 token of the Beyond Earth universe. $GTT is used to craft NFTs, buy land, buy space ships, to power your starships, to pay for mercenaries, or in the Beyond Earth Marketplace. $GTT tokens also represent voting power, enabling players to influence the game's destiny.

The $GTT will fuel all experiences in our ever-expanding ecosystem. $GTT is built on the Polygon Chain


Own Your Assets

Time is money. We believe you should own your time invested and be rewarded for it.

Designed For Playing

$GTT and Beyond Earth have been designed with a focus on Playing and Web3.

Forget Gas

$GTT operates on the Polygon Network. A layer-2 network with insignificant gas fees and blazing transaction speeds